By Kara-Marie Hall BSN RN
Senior Reporter
January 10, 2022

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    6 Strategies to Jumpstart Your Freelance Marketing in 2022


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    Let’s take a moment to reflect upon 2021. How would you describe your marketing strategy? Perhaps you had a plan, but life got in the way. Don’t beat yourself up. This new year, you can decide that, as a freelance nurse writer, marketing will be a non-negotiable aspect of your business going forward. 

    Why is it non-negotiable? 

    Because all industries have slow and busy seasons — and the content marketing industry is not immune. When your business is weathering a slow season, it’s easier to rev-up marketing efforts instead of starting from scratch. 

    Below are six freelance marketing strategies to boost client acquisition, business stability and writing income in 2022.

    Create a schedule that sticks

    Take a look at your week, and find those pockets of time where you could fit in certain marketing tasks, such as:

    • Searching for prospects 
    • Sending Letters of Introduction (LOIs)
    • Following-up with potential leads 
    • Connecting with prospects on social media 

    The amount of time you should spend marketing may depend on how much client work you already have. For instance, if you’re low on client work, you may want to commit entire days to marketing until your client roster fills up. 

    However, keep in mind that dedicating even 15-30 minutes daily to marketing could move the needle. In the end, consistency is the key to marketing success. And you’re more likely to be consistent when you’re not feeling overwhelmed. Therefore, the best marketing schedule is the one you can manage alongside other daily responsibilities. 

    Craft unique LOIs that pack a punch

    Sending a letter of introduction may seem old-fashioned, but it’s one of the best ways to reach prospects. Sending an LOI can feel intimidating and impersonal. Fortunately, you can overcome this anxiety by remembering two things:

    1. You’re speaking to another human being who may have a need. 
    2. You’re simply offering a service that might fulfill that need. 

    To stand out from the crowd, carefully research each prospect and tweak each LOI accordingly. Ensure your message focuses on how you can help the prospect rather than yourself.

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    Follow-up at least once

    Do you hesitate to follow-up on your LOIs because you don’t want to be seen as a “bother”? If so, you’re not alone. Rest assured, following-up is usually appreciated and even encouraged by prospective clients. 

    Oftentimes, editors and marketing professionals are flooded by work. This means your email can easily get lost in the depths of their inbox. Also, they may have intended to respond but got caught up in their many other tasks. 

    If you follow-up, you’re reminding them that help (ahem, you) is still available. What’s more, by following up, you can send them new, relevant samples. This not only further demonstrates your value but also increases your chances of a discovery call.  

    But choosing not to follow-up? That means you might leave money on the table. Don’t do that.

    In this industry, patience goes a long way. But there are limits. What matters most is finding the follow-up frequency that works for you. 

    Revamp your website

    Your website can make or break a prospect’s first impression of your business. For this reason, it’s a good idea to thoroughly review your website. Does each page portray a clear idea of who you are as a nurse writer? Your portfolio, in particular, should demonstrate your writing ability, expertise, and interests. 

    Here are a few other website renovations to consider: 

    • Upload new photos of yourself 
    • Include an FAQs page  
    • Make site easier to navigate 
    • Add a creative brief that requests detailed information about the prospect’s project  

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    Get savvy on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is a powerful platform you can use to attract incoming leads, or prospects who come to you rather than you having to reach out to them.

    But there’s a catch. Your profile needs to be optimized to attract ideal clients. This can be done in a variety of ways, including:

    • Highlighting your most relevant clinical and writing experience to demonstrate your expertise
    • Using keywords (throughout your profile) that may match the keywords your ideal clients are plugging into the search bar. 
    • Posting recently published work or a link to your portfolio in the “Featured” section. 
    • Getting recommendations from clients who are satisfied with your work. 

    Ultimately, LinkedIn is the place for freelance writers to connect with prospects. But it’s important to view your profile page similarly to your website — that is, first impressions count.

    Build a professional network

    Writing has long been considered a career of solitude — often attracting introverts. What’s more, freelance writing is often labeled “oversaturated” or “too competitive.” In the end, many freelance writers become timid when it comes to connecting with others. But in doing so, they risk sabotaging their chances of landing clients. 

    Here’s why: 

    • A writer may not have the bandwidth to work with a particular client, and they may refer you to them. 
    • A client may be looking for new talent, so they may ask a writer if they know another available writer — which could be you. 
    • Clients, including your one-timers, may refer you to their colleagues who are looking for a writer. 

    Keep in mind that these are just a few of the opportunities possible through networking. Other ways to expand your network include:

    • Joining a professional association with writers, journalists, or marketing professionals
    • Attending a conference to meet experts in your niche 
    • Participating in online forums to share your professional views and offer advice
    • Commenting on LinkedIn posts created by your ideal clients
    • Sending a LinkedIn connection request along with a personalized message to prospective clients 

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    Which of these strategies do you plan to use in your 2022 marketing efforts? Tell us on all our social channels!

    Kara-Marie Hall BSN RN

    Kara-Marie Hall is a healthcare writer and registered nurse who writes B2B & B2C copy for various niches, including pharma, digital health, consumer health, and healthcare economics. She also specializes in content targeted to clinicians, including nurses. Kara-Marie is a member of the Association of Healthcare Journalists (AHCJ) and enjoys collaborating with others to improve the healthcare experience for all.