By Elizabeth Hanes BSN RN
Editor & Publisher, RN2writer
June 7, 2022

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    RN2writer Announces Privacy Policy Change

    privacy policy update

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    Inkslinger Communications LLC, the parent company of RN2writer and RN2writer Daily, today announced changes to its privacy policy. The revised policy can be viewed at the RN2writer Privacy Policy page.

    RN2writer serves nurses and other healthcare professionals with career training in freelance writing. The company’s courses and coaching enable nurses to launch part-time or full-time businesses as health reporters and content marketing writers. The company regularly updates its terms and conditions, affiliate disclaimer, privacy policy, and refund policies and procedures and encourages all customers to review these web pages from time to time.

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    Elizabeth Hanes BSN RN

    Elizabeth Hanes BSN RN is the founder of RN2writer and publisher of RN2writer Daily.