By Elizabeth Hanes BSN RN
Editor & Publisher, RN2writer
May 5, 2022

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    Submissions Open Today for the New ONA 3M Truth in Science Award for Journalists


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    Submissions open today, May 5, 2022, for a new prize category in the Online Journalism Awards (OJA). Submit your best work for consideration for the new 3M Truth in Science Award. The Online News Association has partnered with 3M to develop this award in an effort to “address the consequences of misinformation.” According to the ONA’s news release, the award “will honor science journalism that demonstrates excellence in educating and engaging audiences across issues such as health and wellness, climate change, scientific innovation, STEM education and careers and the role of science in society.”

    Nurses and other clinicians are ideally situated as reporters to write scientifically accurate health articles and to produce stories that debunk health and science misinformation. Individual writers can enter their work for the 3M Truth in Science Award (or any other OJA award), and the 3M award, in particular, will pay out a total of $21,000 in cash prizes over three years, though details about how the funds will be distributed or how they may be used by prize winners was not revealed.

    Learn more about the Online Journalism Awards, rules and eligibility, and award categories.

    [Ed. note: I was honored to win an OJA in 2010 for my blog series titled “Dad Has Dementia,” which I authored for (which nominated my work). I mention this to assure you that you do not need to work for a major publication like the New York Times or have a huge individual platform to be considered for an OJA – and win one! Now get out there and submit your work so that you, too, can add “award-winning journalist” to your title! ~Beth]

    Screenshot of a list of winners of 2010 Online Journalism Awards

    Although my name doesn’t appear (because my client, nominated my work), it still feels surreal to see MY work mentioned alongside that of Howard Bryant and Glenn Greenwald! Image credit: Author

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    Elizabeth Hanes BSN RN

    Elizabeth Hanes BSN RN is the founder of RN2writer and publisher of RN2writer Daily.