By Amy Isler, MSN, RN
Senior Reporter
March 16, 2022

6 minutes to read

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    Wellness Wednesday: All About Virtual Exercise Challenges


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    Happy Wellness Wednesday, my fellow nurse writers! 

    This week, let’s talk about our exercise routine. Do you have one? Or is it something that you put off? As freelance writers, it is vital to prioritize moving our bodies for both our physical and mental health.

    Virtual exercise challenges are a new way to incorporate exercise and achievement that has become popular since the pandemic. Virtual challenges mix exercise with specific goals, including; raising money for a good cause, earning a medal or badge, or just bragging rights amongst your virtual team and friends. This post will highlight a few of these virtual challenge apps and what they entail. 

    The Conqueror

    The Conqueror Virtual Challenges app takes a unique approach to the virtual exercise challenge by combining your fitness progress with popular travel routes, including; the English Channel, Inca Trail, Berlin Wall, and Mount Everest. You can sign up for these challenges as an individual or as a team and pick the length of time you want to take to accomplish the goal. Depending on what level of participation you choose, there is a cost involved. Still, they also mail you an actual medal and other merchandise to support your exercise journey.

    [Editor’s note: I participate in The Conqueror challenges. I’ve completed Angkor Wat and am working on Yellowstone right now. I’ve also pledged to do 365 miles this year in the “Conquer 2022” challenge. Full disclosure: We have no affiliate relationship with The Conqueror Virtual Challenges. ~Beth]

    Gone for a Run

    While The Conqueror challenges track only the distances you walk, run, cycle, or what-have-you at your own pace, Gone for a Run offers the opportunity to compete virtual timed races – just like running a real race, only you do it on your own. For instance, if you sign up to run a virtual 10K, then you need to run the entire race in one session, time it, and enter your time at the website. Gone for a Run offers virtual traditional races, like a marathon, and themed races, such as the “Running for the Six-Pack” six-mile race. Gone for a Run donates a portion of the proceeds from some of these entry fees to various charities.

    Leukemia & Lymphoma Society: Team in Training Virtual Challenge Series

    Team in Training is a popular fitness event put on by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society throughout the year that combines training for a marathon with fundraising. They pivoted to a virtual platform during the pandemic with a 30-day endurance challenge allowing you to connect movement with raising money to help fight blood cancer. Check out Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Virtual Challenge to learn more about the next scheduled challenge.

    From Couch to 5K 

    The Couch to 5K virtual training app provides an easy-to-follow plan that helps people incorporate running into their fitness routine. Starting slow and building on progress, the program effectively guides a person with no running experience toward continuously running a 5K (3.10 miles). The free app and its simple voice prompt tell you when to run, walk, and rest and has effectively jump-started fitness routines for many novice runners.

    Charity Miles

    Charity Miles is a free app that turns your daily miles into money for charity (you pick from a list of sponsored charities). Miles are earned by walking, running, dancing, biking, and other forms of movement. Those miles are then converted into dollars for charity through sponsorships by friends and family, employers, charity sponsors, or brand partners. It is a great way to get motivated to move; knowing each mile you earn can benefit charity. 

    Exercise and physical movement can be fun if you have an exciting goal to look forward to. Make it a great week of writing, and challenge yourself to get moving! Virtual challenges are a great way to get motivated at your own pace.

    Amy Isler, MSN, RN

    Amy Isler, RN, MSN, CSN is a registered nurse and freelance writer who has over six years of experience working as a credentialed school nurse managing children with chronic health conditions, including diabetes, asthma, seizures, and food allergies.